Biodigester Septic Tank

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I believe you’ll agree with me that a clean environment is key to healthy living of both flora and fauna. This hence makes it of great importance to protect the environment from pollution. This has put a lot of pressure to researchers to come up with a safe way of disposing waste safely without polluting the environment. A biodigester septic tank is one of the most efficient and energy free ways of doing this, according to Flowery Branch Septic Tank Service company.

Concept of the biodigester septic tank.

The biodigester septic tank can be defined as a system of treating human waste and converting it into clean water that can later be used for some other productive activities such as car washing and irrigation. The biodigester also produces methane gas that is or can be used as a fuel especially for domestic purposes. The septic tank is highly used all over the world and can be used for both commercial and the residential purposes.

The biodigester septic tank mainly works under the concept of anaerobic respiration. The human waste that is fed into the tank is broken down by bacteria. They turn the human waste into water and gases which include methane and carbon IV oxide.

Advantages of the biodigester

It’s very cheap and easy to cost friendly to install. Comparing this type of septic tank to the normal and the traditional one, its much cheaper to install the biodigester tank and also comes with more benefits. During construction of the traditional septic tank, there is needed a deeper hole that makes it more expensive to dig unlike the biodigester which requires a much shallow hole. The biodigester requires a mere thirty percent of the space that a traditional or rather a conventional septic tank would take.

The biodigester septic tank does not need emptying with time. Traditional septic tanks fill with time and require emptying to ensure efficiency. This process is called exhaustion. When it comes to the bio digester, the human waste is converted to water and methane in a continuous cycle and therefore does not need exhaustion.

The biodigester septic tank does not release any foul smells. In this tank, the gases released are put into use. I.e. The released methane is used as a fuel. this, therefore, leaves no room for harmful gases unlike in the normal septic tanks where the gases from the tank are released into the atmosphere.

The biodigester tank is also very reliable and efficient. These tanks are made of concrete which is very strong in nature. This, therefore, gives you the assurance that the tank cannot succumb to pressure from the human waste being worked on.

Tips to maintain your Biodigester

–  Ensure that you supply the tank with seeded bacteria to ensure anaerobic reactions take place efficiently.

–  Keep on checking the pressure and also the temperature levels in the tank to ensure the tank has optimum conditions from the reactions to take place.

–  The gas pipe connection should be checked regularly to ensure no leakages happen so as to avoid wastage.

–  The connection of the feed pipe to the tank should also have regular checks to avoid the human waste from spilling before its processed.

–  Keep the tank airtight to enable an anaerobic reaction.

With the above tips, be sure to learn something about the biodigester septic tank and most importantly, remember to conserve the environment by treating waste human waste before disposing it off. You can call or visit a professional here.